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January 05 2011

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I am loving this picture. It is beyond awesome.
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I am already lost and do not ever want to be found.
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One Hundred Years of Solitude

The book focuses on the town of Macondo, a mythical town taken to represent Colombia, the author's hometown. The novel is multi-generational and explores a family as time leads the town from its birth to the time of its waning.

The book sets a tone of unrealistic reality, myth told with a natural method of storytelling, as if it were all commonly-known fact. For this reason, the reader is drawn into an exploration of the Buendia family as if the entire history, from Jose Arcadio down to the very last of the Aurelianos, is taken to mirror the town's own life cycle.

It portrays reality with myth, especially in the character of Melquiades, who is taken to be a wizened old gypsy bringing all sorts of new devices to the town.

The common themes of love, revolution and conflict are shown in extraordinary ways, from the love stories of Jose and Pilar Ternera, Aureliano and Remedios, as well as the haunting conflict between Don Apolinario and the Buendia family. All of these starkly human characters, most especially the archetypal image of Ursula Iguaran, becomes a delight to the reader as the town's progress flows alongside the Buendia family's history.

All of these combine to create a book that portrays the human love of discovery, our emotions and our motivations, as well as the ties of family reinforced in us all. 

If you want a book that keeps you thinking, smiling and reading, then pick this one up. You'll never go wrong with it, guaranteed.
If you learn to love reading, you will never be alone.
— Ronald Reagan
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